Lending Programs

Through our wholly owned lending divisions Ωmega Capital Street and Ωmega Factoring LLC, we can originate commercial real estate and asset backed loans for our balance sheet and also act as the advisor when structuring loans. Our commercial real estate loan programs will allow for the acquisitions, refinancing, construction, and developments of both income producing and transitional properties. Our core-lending objective is to achieve advantageous and consistent yields by providing short and medium term loans to borrowers primarily consisting of commercial real estate developers, business owners, and landlord. In the case for small business owners we can offer accounts receivable financing better known as factoring when traditional financing is unavailable.

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Our first officeThe wholly owned subsidiary Ωmega Capital Street can structure various commercial real estate financing opportunities with an emphasis on Loans secured by commercial real estate ("CRE") or other related assets. We will seek to structure financing of core and non-core assets including ground up developments and un-entitle land developments, or core assets, including office, hotel, condominium, and retail shopping centers. The Loans will consist of senior debt loans, mezzanine loans, preferred equity loans, and other equity participation financing structures. In some instances the loan may require full recourse by the Borrower and or Sponsor.

Receivable Based Lending

Our wholly owned subsidiary Omega Factoring LLC can offer accounts receivable based financing programs better known as factoring. Plus, function as the sole marketing and sales division for this product. All back office operations such as the due diligence, underwriting, servicing, and collections will be completed in-house. The principal of Factoring is the conversion of accounts receivable into cash by selling outstanding invoices to a factor, such as Omega Factoring LLC. A viable option for companies in the early stages of business development and /or during rapid growth and can use supported cash flow. Factoring is a financial solution that gives companies immediate cash to manage operations more efficiently. We have no limit on the size of the loan request.